Key Performance Indicators

Supply Chain Key Performance Indicators – KPI

You can now purchase a full set of Supply Chain KPIs for your industry. We have never shared these before, but these KPI reports for selected industries will help you identify gaps in your own Supply Chain performance, based on metrics from many other organisations in your industry.

6 Key Industries are covered:

Here’s what you get, based nearly 20 years of experience in Supply Chain KPI Development:

  1. Benchmarks and KPIs based on nearly 900 companies world-wide from our performance database.
  2. Your choice of: Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Imported Goods Distributors, Manufacturers, FMCG or Industrial Suppliers industry-specific data
  3. 20 to 30 benchmarks from TOP performing supply chains – specific to YOUR chosen industry
  4. This 25 page downloadable report, packed with metrics, tables and standards providing you with practical ways to compare and measure your own supply chain
  5. Strategies to find your missing link and improve your supply chain performance immediately!

As well as your 25 page KPI report, we provide a range of great bonus downloads to assist you in understanding more about Benchmarking and Supply Chain KPIs.

Video Bonus

Bonus #1.

60 min video. Yes a full 1 hour video on Supply Chain Benchmarking with tips to help drive improvement in your own operations.

Video Bonus

Bonus #2.

A 53 minute Cost to Serve Video Presentation. This presentation video will allow you to grasp the concepts of cost to service and its importance in driving improved performance.

Video Bonus

Bonus #3.

Facility Location Guide. Another 24 minute video guide on how facility location impacts your Supply Chain cost and performance.

Video Bonus

Bonus #4.

CEO’s Guide to Supply Chain. A very popular 40 minute video presentation that highlights the three most important things to focus on, when seeking high performance from your Supply Chain.

To purchase and download your industry specific KPI report, just click on your industry link below.

Pharmaceutical - Food & Beverage (Ambient) - Food & Beverage (Chilled) - Imported Goods Distributors - Manufacturers - FMCG - Industrial Suppliers

Benchmarking Success have a well established process for assisting with the development of KPI’s that are both relevant and effective at measuring business Supply Chain performance and progress towards strategic goals. The process links Strategy to Critical Success Factors (CSF's) for the business and then to the development of a set of KPI's that will both:

The KPI's can be represented as a table (see Level 1 Metrics) or by contribution to shareholder value.

Benchmarking Success can also provide a process for the effective deployment of the KPI's into the business. This includes guidance on the systems requirements for reporting, definitions, change management processes and performance management issues.

The COFS™ Diagnostic (Customer Order Fulfilment and Supply Chain) provides the ability to report on all critical KPI's for the supply chain. By further comparison against the database the performance of a supply chain can be positioned against similar supply chains. This approach is “customer driven” and assists with the targeting of improvement initiatives and the ongoing development of business strategy.

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               Supply Chain KPIs

               Supply Chain KPIs

Benchmarking Success offers a wide range of Supply Chain and Logistics KPI's for purchase as listed below.

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