3PL Warehousing

The Benchmarking Success 3PL Warehousing Benchmarking tool has been specifically designed for 3PL operations to enable them to determine whether or not the service provided is best in class or how far from best practice it is.

Where one or multiple clients are serviced from one 3PL Warehouse or Distribution Centre, this benchmarking module is designed to provide a report on key performance indices measuring both service and cost performance for each client in the facility.

The 3PL Warehousing report that is prepared has the following as Deliverables

The following questions will be answered by this project:

  • How does the 3PL Operation perform in terms of cost and service?
  • What are the key performance gaps?
  • What changes must be made to improve performance?
  • What are the likely benefits of these changes, in terms of cost and service?

The results are referenced against an external dataset of comparable operations from the BMS database of over 800 supply chain operations.

Some sample pages from our report are set out below.
Labour Costs

Occupancy Costs
Champions Warehousing
Facility Cost

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