Environmental Sustainability Performance Benchmarking

Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Compliance and Sustainability are often seen as additional cost factors to the business in the new “green” economy. There are new vaguely defined terms like carbon neutral products or being a sustainable business.

Benchmarking Success and Bluestone Energy have developed an environmental benchmarking tool, called Environmental Sustainability Performance (ESP).

The benchmarking tool provides you with a framework to measure your environmental performance and allows you to compare your environmental performance and cost against industry peers and covers all environmental aspects.

Why Environmental Benchmarking?

  • The current sustainability reporting frameworks only capture specific elements of sustainability: there is no objective comparison available between a companies environmental spend and the environmental performance
  • Sustainability is a new area in business and definitions are vague, (f.i. carbon neutral; Green washing). In order to market environmental friendly products and services, you need to ensure that you can prove your statements.
  • Business hasn’t focused on environmental efficiencies in the past; there are opportunities to increase business efficiency by looking at your processes and supply chain through the environmental aspect
  • Additional Benefits of improving environmental performance:
    • Competitive advantage in your products
    • Brand Protection & Improved Reputation
    • Increased shareholder value
    • Reduced risk of environmental impact and damages
    • Attract talented people that prefer to work for a sustainable company
Sample of water performance reporting
Sample of environmental performance review report
Environmental Management Cost Analysis graph

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