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#1 Supply Chain YouTube Channel

Thank you to Feedspot for voting my Supply Chain YouTube channel #1.   Surprising and very humbling.     Feedspot has a team of over 25 experts whose goal is to discover and rank popular blogs, podcasts, and youtube channels in several niche categories. With...

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Five Warehouse Best Practices for Stellar Performance

As a company that specialises in benchmarking, we're bound to tell you that the best of best warehouse practices is to start by benchmarking performance. However, after benchmarking comes the need to raise performance. The application of warehouse best practices will...

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Find Alternative Manufacturing Hubs in Asia

Globalisation will never be the same again because supply chains from around the globe have been disrupted and Western companies are no longer as dependent on China’s manufacturing as before.   But it’s still hard to depart from China’s sources and manufacturing...

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Combat Global Recession

Smart businesses are combating global recession by developing “shield” to survive the strikes blown by COVID-19 crisis in the economy. You can also develop good coping mechanisms for your business!  Learn how: Join our Free Webinar on ‘Supply Chain Stress under...

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China Exports are Still Subdued

Even though manufacturing in China already recovered, exports are still subdued because of lockdowns from different parts of the world. Europe and the United States has still closed their assembly lines and manufacturing plants in COVID-19 threat.   COVID-19 poses not...

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COVID-19 Taught us Lessons How to Face Supply Chain Crisis

Before Coronavirus came, global companies thought that the best way to run their supply chains is to have their products sourced, produced, and distributed at the cheapest locations wherever in the world that may be. But since COVID-19 came into the picture, it has...

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