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Safeguard Your Warehouse Processes Against COVID-19 Infection

The 7 Warehouse Processes and how to Safeguard Them Against COVID-19 infection:  Receiving  Workers should not touch their faces after handling a package and should throw away the gloves and wash their hands afterward.  Put-away  Any package handling should be carried...

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Food Delivery Services In A Global Scale

The ‘ferrymen’ of Wuhan or the food delivery guys, motorbike riders delivering a smorgasbord of food varieties to residents are our modern-day heroes not just in Wuhan because food delivery services went global as well.   They are our hunger heroes! Read more about...

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Why Performance Benchmarking is a Powerful Management Tool

There are many good reasons to benchmark your Logistics and Supply Chain operations, not least of all to streamline processes, highlight shortfalls in operational performance, and to cut costs. But benchmarking best practices can also serve as an important tool for...

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