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4 Features of Meaningful Logistics Performance KPIs

Will you be reviewing your supply chain and logistics KPIs in 2017? As another new year rolls around, the importance of supply chain performance as a competitive weapon continues to gain recognition, and many companies will take a look at the relevance and efficacy of...

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How to Improve Supply Chain Performance With Best Behaviours

Perfect order, DIFOT, inventory days of supply; the list of operational supply chain metrics goes on. Google "supply chain metrics" and you'll be greeted by thousands of suggestions for measuring supply chain performance, almost all of which focus (quite rightly) on...

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Is Your 3PL Partner Tardier Than You Thought?

If your company has outsourced logistics activity, the performance of your 3PL provider will influence how customers see your brand and ultimately, can either enhance or tarnish your business reputation. If you want to be certain that your 3PL will serve as a valuable...

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Technology as a Driver of Last Mile Delivery Performance

It may be a mile or two, or it may be a hundred miles or more, but the so-called last mile of the supply chain can account for more than 25% of total transportation costs. With that in mind, a focus on last mile delivery efficiency can potentially yield big cost...

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4 Steps to Sustainable Supply Chain Reality

While your company undoubtedly has sustainability on its supply chain agenda, creating momentum can be tricky in what is after all, a fairly new way to approach performance improvement. As legislation focuses ever more heavily on environmental protection though, and...

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Life After Benchmarking: How to Act on Benchmarking Data

Benchmarking is the all-important first step in supply chain performance improvement. However it can also be an incredible waste of money, time, and effort if your company fails to act on benchmarking data. While that might seem an obvious statement, there are plenty...

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