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Supply Chain Performance

by Artie Leslie (As seen in MHD Supply Chain Solutions) What is your current supply chain performance? How can you improve? In this article the author describes a process for supply chain performance assessment and improvement, and in the next issue we will consider a...

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How To Get a Handle on Reverse Logistics Performance

How much attention does your company pay to the handling and management of returns from your customers?     For many supply chain companies, reverse logistics performance is placed way down the list of priorities. Many are the warehouses with piles of...

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5 Qualities Needed for Supply Chain Performance Excellence

Nine out of ten supply chain companies have difficulties improving inventory, cost and customer service performance. Yet the few that do sustain supply chain performance excellence aren’t doing anything which should prove difficult, impractical, or impossible for any...

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5 Commonly Used Road Transportation Performance Indicators

As with most aspects of supply chain and logistics operation, it can be hard to identify exactly which road transportation performance indicators you should select as your key metrics. There are quite a few to choose from and of course much depends upon the specific...

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Understanding Fill Rate KPIs: Line Fill Rate

Line fill rate can be used as a practical metric for measuring the order fulfilment performance of a single delivery or for all deliveries during a given time period. The term “line” refers to a line on the order, since a typical delivery or shipment manifest will...

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Why Back Orders are the Bane of Supply Chain

As a supplier in a supply chain, it’s vital to recognise when you have a back order problem and, make no mistake, it is a problem. There are a number of reasons why back orders are the bane of supply chain—the ugly stepchild of good-looking line-fill rates.  ...

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