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Environmental Benchmarking for Supply Chain

In this short video, Steven Thacker explains Environmental Benchmarking for your Supply Chain.     “Hi, I’m Steven Thacker, director of Benchmarking Success. One of the new innovations from Benchmarking Success has been the development of the sustainability...

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What is Supply Chain Benchmarking?

In this short video, Steven Thacker explains Supply Chain Benchmarking and the benefits it can deliver.     “Hi, my name is Steven Thacker, director of Benchmarking Success. The topic for discussion today is why benchmark your supply chain. This is...

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Sales & Operational Planning Myths

Myth #1: “We don’t need S&OP in our department; that’s a ‘supply chain thing.’” Reality: Yes, it is a supply chain thing – and a sales & marketing thing – and a manufacturing thing – and a finance thing – and an R&D thing – and, last but not least, it’s a...

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Stages of Transport / Fleet Management Excellence

Stage 1: Transactional focus Usually managing multiple carriers Use of transport brokers for ‘best price of the day’ for interstate loads Poor KPI development and no alignment of common KPIs between the Company and transport operators Little engagement with senior...

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Stages of Supply Chain Excellence

The stages of excellence chart below is provided as a starting point for group discussion with an understanding of current performance and the building of bridges between current and desired performance. For this purpose, companies are asked to; Highlight current...

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Supply Chain Growth in China

“Enter the Dragon” - Is your supply chain ready for the growth in China? A recent global economic study identified, that according to two of the key indicators for the size of the economy; Energy consumption, and Resources demand, China is now a larger economy than...

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