In the competitive world of logistics, every company strives to enhance its business operations. Improving logistics performance is a crucial step that can elevate your business to new heights. Are you aiming for similar improvements? If so, you’re in the right place.

We reveal the top 10 strategies that have proven to significantly boost logistics performance.

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In this video, we share 10 essential tips to enhance your logistics performance, addressing a common challenge in the field. These tips are the result of 30 years of consulting experience, chosen because they consistently deliver results. Stay tuned until the end for the most impactful tip and additional resources. Even if you’re familiar with some strategies, you’ll likely discover new, valuable insights.


Tips for Boosting Logistics Performance


Effective inventory management is crucial for logistics performance. Conduct an ABC analysis by line item, focus on reorder points, and ensure accurate master data. For transport fleets with over six vehicles, routing and scheduling software can optimize delivery times and vehicle capacity, resulting in significant savings. Having a documented supply chain strategy with clear objectives, KPIs, and targets is essential to align your team and improve performance.

Designing your warehouse with storage needs and handling requirements in mind ensures the facility meets your needs. When outsourcing logistics, take 4-6 months to find a suitable 3PL partner to avoid poor partnerships. Simplify the freight process with carriers instead of just negotiating rates to reduce costs.

Clear and simple KPIs at each organizational level, benchmarked against industry standards, drive better performance. Regularly review your distribution network to ensure it remains efficient and aligned with changes in your business. Strengthen your S&OP by engaging all core functions and focusing on accurate sales forecasts to better align supply and demand. Lastly, understanding costs at a granular level helps uncover hidden profitability issues, transforming logistics performance.


Watch the full video for the top 10 tips and valuable insights for each!


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