Food and Beverage (Ambient) Supply Chain KPIs

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KPI Report Food Beverage Ambient

For almost 20 years our Performance Benchmarking Business, Benchmarking Success, has closely guarded our Supply Chain performance database, only revealing aggregated data to our Benchmarking clients. We have now opened this treasure chest!

For your selected industry, you can now purchase this 26 page KPI report with some great bonuses. These bonuses alone are worth more than the report purchase price!

This valuable Supply Chain KPI report will allow you to:

  • Assess your own business performance against the competition.
  • Identify clearly where your performance gaps are.
  • Drive a very clear Supply Chain improvement focus.

This Supply Chain Benchmarking data is sourced from our performance database of almost 900 companies. Our consulting clients who hire us regularly to carry out a detailed performance of their Supply Chains, understand the real value of this information and how it helps them to stay ahead of their competitors.