Key Product and Services

Benchmarking Success (BMS) provide a range of products and services to assist organisations to understand current supply chain performance, identify gaps to best-in-class, uncover the root causes of sub-optimal performance and chart a course / set a strategy to achieve demonstrable improvements and provide supporting consulting services on a project by project basis.

Supply Chain Performance Improvement Reports (PIR)

  • Full PIR – an extensive and comprehensive report covering all aspects of supply chaim performance including:
    • service and cost cloud charts.
    • Level KPI performance,
    • cost performance by functional area (e.g. warehousing, transport, inventory, customer service etc),
    • DIFOT measurement and performance,
    • overall cost histograms.
    • “Size of the Prize” potential savings identified,
    • GMROI and Turn/earn Index calculations,
    • cash-to-cash cycle time performance,
    • Perfect Order probability,
    • supply chain inputs measured against outputs,
    • SLOB (Slow and Obsolete) management,
    • current issues identified,
    • causes recommendations for improvement,
    • results expected and any associated risks,
    • and all of the above measured against Best-in-Class performance.
  • Intermediate PIR – a subset of the above reporting suite focusing on key improvement areas that are indentified gaps in World Best Practice. All of the key measurement reports are included from the Full PIR.
  • PIR Lite – a ‘snapshot’ view of Supply Chain performance against Best-in-Class. Class that only requires responses to 23 key questions and can be provided within 48 hours.
  • Key Performance Indicator’s Available
  • Environmental Sustainability Performance (ESP) benchmarking

Supply Chain Improvement

  • Consulting Services – Provision of specialised support across all areas of the Supply Chain including such things as:
    • Supply Chain strategy development,
    • Sales & Operations Planning,
    • Demand Planning development,
    • deployment and improvement,
    • network design,
    • warehouse design,
    • transport modelling,
    • transport audits,
    • warehousing audits,
    • KPI identification,
    • development, deployment and management,
    • cost to serve analysis,
    • ABC deployment and CPFR (Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment)

    are among some of the consulting services provided.

  • Supply Chain Simulation Game – known as the ‘Beer Game’ is a Supply Chain. Simulation activity for between 15 and 50 participants and is an experiential learning activity that powerfully demonstrates supply chain inter dependencies.
  • “Ball Game” – is a short process improvement simulation game with small to large groups that evokes interest and participation for all participants. The object of the simulation is to improve a seemingly simple process by working together and collaborating as teams. Improvements achieved are then benchmarked against best-practice to elicit further process improvements and achieve what was previously believed impossible. The Ball Game duration is typically 1 – 1.5 hours.

Ask your specific questions about benchmarking and supply chain performance, KPI's, change management, organisational development and environmental sustainability performance.