The 7 Warehouse Processes and how to Safeguard Them Against COVID-19 infection: 

  • Receiving 

Workers should not touch their faces after handling a package and should throw away the gloves and wash their hands afterward. 

  • Put-away 

Any package handling should be carried out as per #1 above. 

  • Picking 

Equipment should be disinfected before and after every use. 

  • Packing 

Parcel handling should be conducted as per #1 above, and containers should be deep cleaned with disinfectants. Staff should regularly use sanitisers and wash their hands. 

  • Dispatching 

If your company is engaged in last-mile delivery of packages packed in plastic bags or envelopes, it may make sense to spray and wipe each package with disinfectant before loading them into delivery vehicles. 

  • Returns 

Those handling returned goods should wear gloves and if necessary disinfect the item before sending it back to packing.  

  • Value-adding 

Disinfect the bundled and kitted items if delivery is imminent. 


More details and information here in this article: Some Tips to Keep Your Warehouse Free from COVID-19