Here at Logistics Bureau Group, of which Benchmarking Success is a part, we’re passionately committed to making our World a Better Place.  So that doesn’t just mean helping you improve your Supply Chain!

As part of our every day business we donate part of our revenue to a vast array of worthy causes around the World.  If you’re already one of our clients you’ll know all about this of course.

We do this through an amazing organisation called Buy One Give One (B1G1). Get it? Every time a client buys from us, we give on their behalf.

The great thing is, that every cent we give goes directly to those in need.  Nothing is deducted for administration, marketing or other costs by us, by B1G1, or the worthy cause receiving the funds.  So a little goes a very long way….  And no we don’t inflate our prices to cover this!

Here’s a quick update on our progress to date…



A World of Giving

Just click on the map below to see the various worthy causes that we support around the World.

Here in our home base Australia, our Region, and elsewhere.



For further information about our B1G1 Giving Program, check out these links.

Thank You for a Win-Win-Win

Playgrounds at School are kid ‘magnets’


Best Regards
Rob O’Byrne – Founder & MD – Logistics Bureau Group
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Oh….  And if you want to give directly yourself, you can do that too.  Right here.

You too can join our ‘World of Giving. If you would like to make a difference to those in need, you can personally give to some selected projects below.