Transport/Fleet Benchmarking – Reduce Fuel, Tyre, Maintenance and other Costs!

How efficiently is your fleet operating?

To find out how To find out how Transport/Fleet Benchmarking can help you reduce  Supply Chain costs, talk to a Transport Benchmarking Consultant today. talk to a Transport Benchmarking Consultant today.

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Fleet Operation Efficience – The Difference between Profit and Loss

Any company worth its salt works hard to reduce manufacturing costs to the minimin…

Unfortunately profits are often eroded by unseen inefficiencies in the supply chain.

Benchmarking Success’s Transport/Fleet Management benchmarking tool allows us to benchmark operators of transport fleets of any size and mix and prepare a diagnostic report so that you can determine and compare the following variable to best practice:

  • How efficiently is my fleet operating?
  • How is my fuel consumption?
  • What are my tyre costs?
  • What are my maintenance costs?
  • What other costs am I incurring?

We provide you with a Transport/Fleet report that containing the following Deliverables:

  • How does the fleet performance compare in terms of cost and service to other comparable organisations, and to best practice?
  • What are the key performance gaps?
  • What changes could be made to improve performance?
  • What are the likely benefits of these changes, in terms of cost and service?

The Best Practice Model is used to compare the performance of the fleet that is benchmarked.

Some sample pages from our report are set out below.

Sample Report Pages

Current Ranking Snapshot

Fleet Cost Analysis

Detailed Cost Opportunities

Ask us your specific questions about benchmarking and supply chain performance, KPI’s, change management, organisational development and environmental sustainability performance.

To find out how Fleet/Transport Benchmarking can help you achieve Best in Class Efficiency, talk to a Fleet/Transport Consultant today.