The Benchmarking Success Warehousing Benchmarking tool is effectively a ‘Warehousing Audit’ tool.

This module is able to benchmark just warehousing performance, KPIs, costs and productivity.

How well is your DC performing compared to similar operations? This report will answer that question and point to areas for improvement.

The Warehousing report that is prepared has the following as Deliverables:

  • How does the facility perform in terms of cost and service compared to comparable facilities, and to best practice?
  • What are the key performance gaps?
  • What changes could be made to improve performance?
  • What are the likely benefits of these changes, in terms of cost and service?
  • The Best Practice Model is used to compare the performance of the Client’s DC to other comparable operations.

Following completion of the online WDS (Warehousing/DC Survey) diagnostic questionnaire, a 27 slide report is presented highlighting how the DC is performing as measured against best-in-class similar operations in terms of those KPIs that are vital in measuring performance.

Some sample pages from our report are set out below.

Labour Costs
Occupancy Costs
Champions Warehousing
Facility Cost

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